Firmware Update for DJI Phantom 3 (New)

Your DJI Phantom need to upgrade periodically to solve some software bugs or problems and to improve your operation with the drone. I suggest you to do firmware upgrading carefully, make sure you read and understand the procedures to avoid you DJI Phantom become brick or damage because uncompleted of firmware upgrade. Do it by your own risk!

  • 1. All-in-One firmware Version: v1.7.90 
  • 2. DJI GO app iOS Version: v3.0.2 
  • 3. DJI GO app Android Version: v3.0.1 

What’s New
  • 1. Improved video downlink stability in high interference environments. 
  • 2. Fixed an Intelligent Battery auto restart issue occurring in cold environments. 

  1. Make sure you charge both of aircraft and remote control (transmitter) fully.  You can upgrading with only 50% battery, but full charge is better for safety reason.
  2. DO NOT turn off the remote controller or exit the DJI GO app during the update process. 
  3. Please link the remote controller to aircraft before you do the update.
Read quadcopterguide and follow step-by-step instruction to upgrade the Quadcopter/Drone, or watch this video tutorial:

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